Research & Writing Help

Below are lessons for library use, research techniques, internet literacy, and writing. Most are self-directed, though I am also available to guide your students through the lessons if you want to schedule a visit with your class to the library.

Research from Start to Finish  This website provides a self-guided course for teachers and students on how to complete a research assignment focusing on the Big6 Research skills.  In contains links worksheets, examples and guides for each step as well as  to databases to facilitate finding scholarly or academic resources.  Want someone to walk the class through the steps and to assist you in getting your students started on their research?   Schedule time to come to the library or have the librarian visit your class!

Writing Guides: This page includes links to writing worksheets and guides from VHHS teachers, the VHHS writing rubric, as well as other sites that provide information and advice about organizing and mechanics of writing.  For information about MLA or APA formatting, see the Citation and Style Guides link below.

How to Use the Internet for Effective Research  This self-guided lesson is more focused on internet research, including understanding how the internet is structured (or unstructured) and how to determine credibility of websites.  Within this, there is coverage of determining scholarly from non-scholarly sources, as well as strategies for creating a plan for research and guidelines for citing sources to avoid plagiarism.  For more information and guides on evaluating websites, use these links.

Citation and Style Guides:  This list of links provides access to information about how to gather bibliographic information for in-text citations and works cited lists.  The links provide both comprehensive and interactive tools for formatting citations and papers according to MLA or APA styles.

Copyright and Fair Use: This list of links covers laws and ethics around using copyrighted material.  It covers understanding what situations are fair use situations and how to properly cite sources to avoid plagiarism or copyright violation.  There are also links to definitions of Creative Commons Licenses and how to find material that is available for use.

Dictionaries, Thesauri, and Grammar Guides: Links to various dicitionaries, Thesauri, and Grammar Guides.

Assignment Calculator:  Enter your start and end dates for an assignment to get a customized schedule with links to guides to keep you on track to a successful paper.


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